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Tuesday, 22 January 2019
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The Evolution of Gaming

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Over two decades ago the first Pokemon games, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green were released in Japan for the Nintendo Game Boy. The brain child of video game designer Satoshi Tajiri proved to be a huge success. Video games were followed by trading cards, which then lead to a cartoon series and later, several films. Perhaps to the surprise of many, the franchise hung around for a lot longer than the majority of its loyal players care to admit. The surprising longevity of the franchise, and its ability to adapt, with versions of the game released for the Game Boy Advance, the Nintendo DS, 3DS and the Nintendo Wii, meant that men in their late twenties, myself included were still enjoying a few hours of Pokemon as recently as 2014.

Perhaps then its come as no surprise that the release of Pokemon Go has had us reaching for our phones and venturing out from the security of our trusty homes, offices, and cars, in a bid to catch’em all… Once again.

The 5 Benefits of Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has been available to download now for a number of weeks. Another overnight success for the franchise (Nintendo shares have dramatically risen since the apps release). But this time it feels bigger than ever!

Here’s a look at why Pokemon Go is the best Pokemon yet.

1. From the moment players first download the app they are on the go. OK, mobile gaming has been around for along time now, but Pokemon go has players interacting and exploring with their environment, something no other game has ever been able to accomplish on such as large scale. While out on the hunt for Pokemon, children, adults and everyone in between have been exploring their local area and learning of its history with Pokemon being located next to monuments and historic building. Pokemon Go is turning out to be one of the most educational apps around!

2. Fitness! Walking 20 miles a day to explore areas and find hidden Pokemon comes with health benefits. Despite not every one hunting for Pokemon on foot, for those of us choosing to hunt for a Charizard or Blastoise within or local area, a quick look at your pedometer and in some cases our scales, will show just how much Pokemon go is benefitting our health.

3. With some people choosing to quit their jobs and instead opting to become a full time Pokemon Master/Mercenary. There is money to be made from the most recent Pokemon phenomenon, with some accounts selling for upwards of £7,000. Perhaps not a career that offers much security though.

4. Its good for business. Bars and restaurants in London and other major cities are cashing in on the footfall that comes with having a rare Pokemon on your doorstep. An increase of thirty percent compared with an average weekends takings have meant that savvy business owners are luring Pokemon to their premises.

5. Family bounding. Whilst today’s youth are getting their first fix of Pokemon, for the the franchises original players, the new game brings with it a sense of nostalgia, and not only the chance to once again be the best, but to also educate the younger members of their family. 

Whats next for the Pokemon franchise? The ability of the Pokemon game to adapt to new technology, has allowed it to capture new followers whilst retaining its older loyal players. Will we see a virtual reality version of Pokemon? Highly likely.



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